Desktop Repairs done in Perth

Although laptops have taken over the computer market for their accessibility and portability, desktop computers still make up a large portion of at-home computers and computers within business environments.

The most common repairs for desktop computers aren’t really repairs, more upgrade-centric issues. Upgrading your desktop allows for it to continue to be useful for years to come without having to replace the whole computer – this being price efficient as well as eco-friendly, compared to purchasing a new laptop every time the specifications become obscelete.

Hard-drive replacements and upgrades make up the most of the desktop repairs that Computer Mechanics perform. If you have issues with accessing files on your hard-drive or simply that it isn’t working as well as it used to are all easily solved with a hard-drive upgrade or replacement.

This may sound daunting as you don’t want to lose any files, but the Computer Mechanics team have been working on problems like this for over 17 years and are more than competent at solving these problems.

Virus removal is another common repair that is carried out on desktops – and one that is just as devastating to laptop users.

If you are questioning, “why on earth would I get my desktop computer fixed, upgraded or repaired?” here are some simple reasons,

  1. It is 100% cheaper than replacing your desktop computer, with another or a laptop or tablet with the same capabilities.
  2. Repairs are generally the same price for either laptops or desktops, and they are susceptible to many of the same problems. And really, to begin with they are cheaper to buy!
  3. And finally, the desktop computer is very unlikely to become irrelevant.

Regardless of the size, or hassles with transportation, desktop computers remain the most powerful out of all other computers today. They remain able to be easily fixed and upgraded, whereas the casings of laptops means that there are limits to this for them.

Another key factor is the size of the screen – you can have whatever size screen you want with a desktop!

Desktop computers have proven that they last the longest time out of all computing devices and are also the most recyclable – so you’re really doing a bit for the planet by buying a desktop to upgrade, rather than purchasing a new laptop every two years.

Computer Mechanics have been working on desktop computer problems for over 17 years and they understand almost every issue in the book. They don’t just perform upgrades, but also general maintenance and repairs for your desktop computer, to ensure they keep it up and running for as long as you need it.