YouTube repairs

So with the flood of information that is the internet, and more specifically in this case… YouTube, people are more inclined to attempt repairs themselves. While some jobs can be simple without danger of destruction, others can be more of a headache.

Laptops are multilayered, and dismantling them often requires steps to be performed in order where as YouTube videos can often be cut and edited to only show the easier steps that take less time. Furthermore, sometimes the clips holding a laptop together can require a bit of force to snap open and this is when we get customers calling up with the old… “So I watched this YouTube video to replace my keyboard and I’ve managed to break the keyboard connector on the motherboard.”

Another common complaint from customers revolves around ordering the wrong parts online, many similar model laptops can use very different parts so you need to be very careful to check the full model number with the corresponding part.

If you do plan on attempting repairs yourself, often it is better to first remove the faulty part so you can check and compare it to the new part replacement, diminishing chances of ordering incorrectly. Secondly, if you get to a point where you are struggling and you can’t separate the laptop properly, STOP…bring it into the professionals before it ends up costing you a new motherboard or even new laptop. Contact us here