Kyle from Sorrento managed to cook his laptop. Literally….

This is a bit of a strange one and to be honest, a first for us. So in the door comes a laptop, and as he hands it over to me all i can see is a hole burnt right through tot he laptop. Turns out Kyle left the computer on the stove top and it was turned on, forgetting about the laptop.

IMAG0036 Unfortunately this is what it looked like out of the bag, and it looks even worse once we got it open. The stove had melted the whole way up into the internals of the laptop and even melted the battery (this is very dangerous).

So we got to work cleaning up the hard drive inside the laptop to try and recover the data from it.

IMAG0038 The damage was done, and there was a lot of it. It had burnt through the entire inside of the laptop and sadly caused so much damage that it is not possible to recover the data from it.

This is a perfect example of why you should always backup your data instead of attempting data recovery.