I don’t back up my data. How bad can that be?


Some food for thought for this upcoming long weekend. How many of you backup your data?

Surprisingly enough, only about 10% of people we see do. And that is too few. So as a long weekend project, back up your data. It protects you from nasty viruses like Cryptolocker and from hardware failure.

Don’t know how to do it? Simply follow the instructions below.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is currently the most commonly used operating system. Backup for Windows 7 is fast and simple. Just follow our 7 step windows 7 backup guide and you will be saving your data in no time. Don’t lost what you don’t have to.


Setting up the Time Machine on Mac is the easiest of them all. Simply attach your external hard drive to your Mac, choose the Time Machine icon at the top of your screen and start the back up. It is really that simple.

Apple have a nice write up with a few more details for the various OSX versions here.