Make your laptop faster

Need to brew the morning coffee while your PC boots into windows? Perhaps it’s time to look at speeding the old girl up, or new girl sometimes…

Firstly it’s best to get an idea of exactly what could be slowing down your PC, it could be hardware or software related. There are three major components that determine the speed of which computers run, CPU, RAM and hard drive type. Generally your stuck with the CPU you have, many are soldered to the main-board, so lets look at upgrading RAM and hard drives.

Ram upgrades are generally cost effective but can be difficult to install. Newer computers these days often need to be fully dismantled to install a new stick, others are easy and can double your RAM from 4GB to 8GB for around $100. You can contact us here with your laptop model to get a quote.

You can dramatically speed up your computer by upgrading to a solid state drive(SSD). SSD’s are much quicker at reading and writing than normal platter drives but do get expensive as the sizes increase. Computer Mechanics can transfer all your data across from your old drive to a new SSD without losing your programs and data. There are many different types of SSD so click here and we will give you your options.

If it is software that is slowing down your computer then this can get more complicated, with the millions of programs… or, maybe viruses (eeich) available out there we would need to book the computer in for an inspection fee of $66 to diagnose what is causing the issues and go from there.  Call us on 93251196 and we can have a chat.