Laptop screen replacement and laptop keyboard replacements

replace_laptop_screen_009_610x404At some point and time all laptops need repairs for one reason or another. Unfortunately, not everyone is a computer whiz which means that not everyone is prepared on how to fix those repairs let alone knowing what may be wrong in the first place. Wouldn’t it stand to reason then if you had the option of quick and easy repairs that you would take it? Of course you would and that’s why Computer Mechanics is perfect for you! Whether you work in an office, or own the office, they can visit you on site and repair almost all and any computer software or hardware issues you may be experiencing. For those who are slightly more tech savvy, but perhaps not enough to fix it, then can also provide you remote assistance right from your own PC.

Computer Mechanics offer the options of dropping off your PC to have it repaired and allowing the option of pick up afterwards. They are in fact so confident in the ability to service your PC, that if not completed within two hours, you will have it done for free! With over seventeen years in experience in laptop repairs, they can do most repairs although sometimes special parts may have to be ordered. Worried about a desktop computer too? Well, that’s fine as well because they can repair them as well and offer a wide variety of services for them.

  • Replacement of hard drives
  • Removal of Virus/Malware/Adware
  • Memory and Storage Upgrades
  • Cleaning the dust out of the system, and so much more.

If you’re worried about losing things such as important documents, college papers, or even those valued family photos that you uploaded to personal computer, Computer Mechanic can safely and effectively back them up and restore them for you. Some people aren’t aware of the proper protection they should have on their computers or what is needed to keep them safe from viruses, malware, or adware. Computer Mechanics can clean up a computer and have the proper programs placed on there to keep your computer clean and running like new again. If you have any specific technical questions you’re free to ask them and they’ll try their best to assist you.

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5:30pm, and may be contacted by phone or email with any inquiries or repairs that you want to discuss. Located on Brewer Street in Perth, you won’t have to worry about finding them as they also have free curb side parking next to their office which makes for convenient visits to their store during office hours. Often time’s people want to try and fix a personal computer themselves which makes it worse and often does more harm than good. While they definitely don’t recommend it, Computer Mechanics can offer you support and help on getting you on the road to repair and offering you a step in the right direction for faster PC.