Dell Repairs

Dell has to be one the most well known brands out there whether you are a Business user or a home user you have to have heard of them by now. Last year they had a market share of 11.6% placing them in the top 3 world wide but with no Perth based service center their repair process is long and painful.

Computer Mechanics offer Dell repairs in their East Perth workshop for all out of warranty work. The most common repairs we see are for screen replacements and battery replacements. For some reason we do not see that many keyboard replacements as other brands but we are not saying we DON’T see them.

A RAM (Memory) or Hard Drive (Storage) upgrade can be performed with minimal effort and cost to you. Just bring it in for us and we will take a look at it for you.

Need a Repair?

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Because of Dell’s laptop design it is very easy to replace a screen, a keyboard, the battery or even upgrade the RAM (Memory) of the laptop. However all other repairs take a long time as the devices tend to be built to last. If you need a list of repairs we can do for you check out our Laptop Repairs page.

Why do we repair Dell laptops?

Dell are a very popular laptop brand world wide and in Perth itself and without a proper service center it is hard for people to get access to repairs. Dell repairs need to be sent via post to another state for repairs and can take 2-3 weeks or more.

With Computer Mechanics we do all Dell repairs in our East Perth workshop. We have the fastest Dell repairs turn around with parts being 1-2 days away if we don’t have them in stock.