Data Recovery

Lost data is a common problem and lost photos can be a complete disaster. Our aim is to recover accidentally deleted or damaged images, files and data, whether it be on a memory card, USB stick or hard disk drive.

Our team can help you with data recovery from ANY device including:

Hard Drives, Desktop PCs, Laptops, SSD Hard Disks, External Storage, USB Drives.

Can we recover your data?

People assume that because they cannot access their computer/laptop or the hard drive wont show up means that their data is lost for good. It really isn’t. Computer Mechanics has over 17 years experience in data recovery and can help you recover your lost photos, movies, documents or anything else you may have.

Sometimes the problem is that the index has become corrupted. A file index can be re-built and the photo or files recovered. In extreme situations we can remove a hard drive from its shell and send it to a clean room’ for detailed work. That option is expensive but in the rare instances where we have been unable to get a result in the workshop, it has yielded positive results.

Do not attempt DIY Data Recovery

Most people download programs online and spend days running scans on a failing hard drive to attempt to recover their data for free. The only problem with this is if your hard drive is failing, every second your hard drive is on is causing more and more damage. If your hard drive is not working properly, don’t risk your data, give us a call and we can check it out for you.

Not sure you need Data Recovery?

If your computer is not working head over to our Desktop Repairs or Laptop Repairs sections or give us a call. Most of the time there is a fault in the computer or the Operating System and there is 100% nothing wrong with your data.