Water Damage is not the end. Just make sure you act quick like he did…

Water damaged laptops are one of the worst things that can happen to a laptop and when left unchecked cause severe damage to the computer. Just take a look at the picture below. It causes burns, corrosion and can cause major damage to the computer if left alone.

Laptop Repairs Beechboro Carlos from Beechboro managed to spill a cup of coffee on his laptop one morning and decided to leave it a little too long before having something done about it. If he left it any longer it may have done too much damage and would require the part to be replaced.

The black marks around the components are burn marks that were cleaned away from the inside of the computer and because we got to it quickly, there was no damage to the actual parts.

Remember that leaving your laptop in a bag of rice will only get your laptop covered and filled with rice, it wont help. So if Carlos from Beechboro can make the 20 minute drive down to see us you should be able to as well.