Toshiba Repairs

Toshiba would have to be the brand we see the most in our repair shop. Most major retail stores in Perth seem to carry Toshiba as their main brand of laptop due to their high specs and low costs making it an easy sale. We find ourselves doing a lot of replacements weekly on everything from screen replacements, to keyboard replacements and even replacing old batteries.

If you need anything upgraded, like the RAM (Memory) or the Hard Drive (Storage Space) just give us a call and we should be able to quote you over the phone.

Need a Repair?

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Because Toshiba repairs are done so frequently here we have a large array of parts for the most common models. For things we don’t have we can source from one of our suppliers in Australia and have repairs done within a day or so. For a list list of repairs why not check out our Laptop Repairs page.

Why do we repair Toshiba laptops?

We do Toshiba repairs because it is the most common type of laptop we see. Because most large scale retailers carry a large number of Toshiba laptops and due to a lack of proper service centers from Toshiba in Perth someone has had to pick up the slack. Don’t risk losing your laptop for 1-2 weeks.

With Computer Mechanics we do all Toshiba repairs in our East Perth workshop. We have the fastest Toshiba repairs turn around with parts being 1-2 days away if we don’t have them in stock.