Samsung Repairs

Samsung surprisingly are not that big of a laptop manufacturer. Since smart phones started to become more and more popular, Samsung appears to have slowed down a bit on their laptops and notebooks. But this doesn’t mean that Samsung have dropped off as a laptop and notebook supplier. Their parts are used in many other laptop brands and they even have their own laptop line.

Samsung laptops are not the most popular laptop and we will only see a few come in every week but this could simply be a case of people not finding problems with them. Most repairs we do are for the screen keyboard or battery.

A RAM (Memory) or Hard Drive (Storage) upgrade can be performed with minimal effort and cost to you. Just bring it in for us and we will take a look at it for you.

Need a Repair?

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Because Samsung laptops are created to be stylish they are very hard to work on. Replacing things like the screen or upgrading the internal components can take a bit longer but only an extra hour or two. If you want to see more of what we do here head on over to our Laptop Repairs page.

Why do we repair Samsung laptops?

Most Samsungs are in the Galaxy line; there is a limited number of repair companies that are willing to work on them. We are more than happy to help and have suppliers situated in Australia to get parts faster.

With Computer Mechanics we do all Samsung repairs in our East Perth workshop. We have the fastest Samsung repairs turn around with parts being 1-2 days away if we don’t have them in stock.