Recover data from failing hard drive

So, when was the last time you backed up your data? Have you checked? Many people don’t realise how easy it is for a hard drive to fail in a computer, or even the external hard drive that you use for backing up fails and doesn’t successfully back up for months. Well if your here reading this it’s probably just annoying to talk about regular backups, lets look at getting your data back.

There are two main forms of computer data recovery, physical recovery which involves replacing parts in drives and whats called logical recovery, through software tools. Physical recoveries are required when the drive will no longer detect at all in a computer, and can be very expensive. Software recoveries are generally much more economical…it’s always best to have someone look at a drive that is just starting to play up rather than continuously try to get your data off yourself as the more power going through a drive, the worse it can get, have a look here to get help.

We use a multitude of different purchased software applications, sometimes through different operating systems like linux to increase the chances of getting that data back, so if you have tried something online, don’t give up, contact us and we can try. We generally charge a small inspection fee of $66 to attempt data recovery, then can call you and let you know if it can be recovered, or perhaps requires a physical recovery, and give you an idea of price.