Ransomware attacks in Perth

Computer Mechanics in Perth can help you protect yourself against ransomware and should the worst happen, we can advise or negotiate directly with the criminals on your behalf. We have experience in this area (and a number of very grateful clients).

This problem is getting worse. Essentially, they engineer a way into your network – can be as simple as an employee clicking on a link and the software locks up and encrypts your data. 

First sign you have a problem will probably be a splash screen on your computer. It won’t be a secret; they’ll make clear they have control and they’ll give you instructions on how to pay the ransom.

Normally they require you to send cryptocurrency to their address. No, they won’t accept ‘I don’t understand blockchain’ as an excuse… communication will probably be abrupt and via email. 

Criminals offer ransomware ‘software as a service’ over the dark web. Any savvy teen can buy the software for a pittance, then send out a bunch of emails and start extorting businesses.

How to protect yourself

If you’re a victim of Ransomware in Perth, here’s some advice based on our experiences.

  1. Do not rely on cheap antivirus software to protect your business. We can advise on reputable and effective software to mitigate the risk, however…
  2. Good systems administration is critical. If you can’t afford a full time sys admin, make sure you have solid IT support with a maintenance contract. Companies who just use ad hoc support are most at risk. (Yes, we can audit this for you).
  3. Consider getting some IT training for staff. Most attacks rely on someone clicking a link in an email. You should follow best practice and we can recommend training.
  4. Audit your backup procedure. If you’ve got good backup processes you restore your data and tell the lowlife to go back to the sewer. Yes, we audit backups – it is essential anyway that you do this. Do not assume your backups will work 100% reliably; they often don’t.

What to do if your data is encrypted

  1. Do not Google around looking for some web service to negotiate on your behalf. This is a scam. They will often charge you more than the ransomware to solve the problem. Only deal with companies you know have a ‘real world’ office. This is a case where you should always deal with a local business (or someone you know to be a large national business).
  2. Do not negotiate by yourself. It’s normal for the criminals to increase the ransom amount once they know they’ve got you. And if your business is in jeopardy, you’ll be so stressed, they’ll know they’ve got you.
  3. Find a reputable IT business and follow their instructions. Make an assessment of who will be communicating on your behalf. An IT person might be good at coding but not have the cool head and advanced communication skills required.

    This problem is a scourge. It’s incredibly stressful and can lead to business failure. I hope you never have to deal with it. If you do, our number is (08) 9325 1196.