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Easiest Way To Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks, where an individual’s computer files and literally held for ransom, are increasing. Attackers may lock you out of your operating system and other apps or they may target your files and demand money to allow you access, however, there is no guarantee that once you pay, your will have access to your data once again.

Avoid Suspicious Links

The best method for preventing your computer from becoming infected with ransomware is to avoid clicking on suspicious links. If you receive an email with a link from someone you don’t recognise, do not open the link. Friends may send links, however, if this isn’t part of their normal behaviors, don’t open the link, since it’s possible that their email was hacked. If you receive an email from your bank, credit card issuer or other company that you normally do business with, do not open the link. Instead, go to their official website and determine if they need you do perform an action.

Back Up Your System And Data

Back up your system with a restore point and copy all of your important files and put them in the cloud. This way, you won’t have to pay the ransom. In addition, install all legitimate updates for your operating system since attackers typically target older systems.

ransomware-removal-perthWatch What You Download

Avoid download files from peer-to-peer websites. It’s tempting to get the latest movie for free, however, attacker do their best to make their ransomware appealing. If you’re looking for an anti-virus software or other app, make sure you download it from the vendor’s official website, not a third-party site.

Install Security Software

Install an anti-virus and anti-malware real-time program, directly from the vendor, that protects against ransomware and all other cyber threats.

If You’re Already Infected

Disconnect from the network immediately to avoid infecting other computers. You may stop the ransomware from attacking all of your files. Do not wait for a ransom demand before you take action: if you notice your computer is running significantly slower and unusual pop-ups appear, your computer might have ransomware on it. Consult Computer Mechanics Perth immediately to avoid further damage.

Removal Tools

Before your computer is fully infected, there are a few ransomware removal tools that you can get by using a clean computer and downloading the tool on a USB drive and then executing the program during a boot.

Prevention, such as making backups, installing a security suite and avoiding questionable links is always the best way to protect against ransomware.