Call Computer Mechanics to prep for fully remote IT capability

Secure connections, rapid deployment, homes to office

In a worst case scenario, your office is quarantined without warning. If you haven’t done the work to prepare for fully remote operation, it’s too late. You won’t be able to liaise with any isolated workers – it just gets really complicated.

Some businesses will fail because they did not prepare for all their workers having to work from home. It’s not enough they have access to email; your people need full system access so they can keep doing their jobs.

There are a range of remote access options. Exercise caution; some are not highly secure and will carry an unacceptable risk of losing control of your network.

We can advise on what is sensible given your IT resources, network configuration and size of business.

A sensible starting point is a phone conversation with your IT Manager so we can collect sufficient information for an implementation plan and quotation.

Call Garry on 9325 1196 or email us [email protected] to get started.