Perth small businesses: iinet will delete your email account

iinet is getting out of the email business. Here’s what you need to know. If you have an iinet email address, (you’re probably living in Perth, Western Australia) you’ll need to ACT SOON to save it. By the end of September 2023 would be best, though the official cut-off date is November 30 (don’t leave it til then). iinet wants you to transfer the address to another company (instructions here), but it’s probably a good time to shift to a more professional setup.

If you’re a business using an iinet email address, consider changing your email to match your website domain – if your site is, you would want your email to be [email protected] or [email protected]. If your name is Jill.

Microsoft 365 is our recommended platform. It’s a cost-effective subscription model, providing robust security, superb spam filtering, HEAPS of storage and state-of-the-art collaboration. Everything syncs. There are all sorts of benefits to using the calendar tools and file-sharing in OneDrive or SharePoint. The whole solution ports to multiple devices. It’s the best management platform we’ve encountered. No contest.

Let’s get your email on a professional footing. And start using a business-grade solution that gives you enterprise level features. We’re based in Perth and have decades of experience with the Microsoft suite. We’ll copy your email history across from iinet.

Give Garry a call and he’ll talk you through the process. It’s fast and painless.

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