Laptop Repairs

Laptop or Notebook not working like it should? Computer Mechanics has over 17 years experience working with Laptops and Notebooks on everything from Software to Hardware issues on ALL brands.

If you laptop is not working like it should or is physically damaged we can help. Our laptop repairs service is one of the best in Perth and our turn around times are the fastest.

What we offer

  • Broken laptop screens
  • Poor battery life
  • Broken keyboard / missing keys
  • Broken power connectors
  • Faulty power cables

  • Data Recovery
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Storage Space Upgrades
  • Hardware Upgrades

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    • Laptop repairs in Perth: hardware failure

      We do fast turnaround laptop repairs in Perth. Laptops are small and convenient, but their portability means a lot of hardware problems over their lives. Failed hard drives are the second most common problem we see at Computer Mechanics. A failed hard drive is also the worst thing that can happen to a user as around 80% of users don’t have active backups running. This means that Data Recovery needs to be done on the hard drive.

    • Screen Repairs

      Screen repairs or replacements are also a common occurrence. People who drop their laptop often discover just how fragile these things can be, cracking the screen on most drops/impacts. People also often leave things like pens or in-ear headphones on their laptop’ keyboards and forgetting they are there. When you go to close a laptop with something between the keyboard and the screen it will almost always result in a cracked screen as they do not need that much force.

    • New Laptop Battery

      Laptop batteries seem to have very random lives. Some can live for 2-3 years, some may last a few months before they stop holding a charge altogether. Luckily this is the easiest and generally the cheapest part to replace ranging from $80 up.

    • Not sure what kind of laptop repairs you need?

      Need a laptop repaired in Perth? Laptops can be strange; one thing can cause a whole range of other problems that can be hard to diagnose. Computer Mechanics has this down to almost an art. If your laptop is acting up and you cannot find the problem yourself or you have taken it to another repair shop and they cannot help you, we can. With 25 years’ experience in repairing laptops we have amassed a vast array of knowledge in regards to laptop repairs.