Identifying Spam Email


Most people get spam email on a daily basis, and while most of it is easily identified, some can be misleading and trick you in to believing it is legitimate.

Most of the time they stand out with bad English or a dodgy looking sender address but the spammers can also use email addresses that appear very similar to legitimate addresses or they can even change the email header to display a different email address from then one where it was actually sent from. When they do this, spam emails may appear to have come from a friend or even yourself.

A common recent spam email that many have received states that the spammer has gained access to your emails and has sent an email to you through your account, editing the ‘sent from’ section of the email to state your address to appear legitimate. It also states that the spammer has downloaded your email contacts and will send inappropriate material to your contact list if you don’t pay a ransom, almost always it bitcoin to avoid tracking – be aware payments through bitcoin will never be refundable

It is fairly safe to assume that messages that suggest your devices camera has been hacked and will send material to your contact list are in fact spam, it’s pretty targeted work to go through one persons camera feed to find possible material, but if you need piece of mind contact us here and we can have a look, or perhaps run a series of scans to confirm your devices are clean. We can also look at ways to decrease your incoming spam.