HP Repairs

HP has essentially dominated the market share for computers over the last 10 years with the occasional Dell showing up with an average share of around 18%. Since purchasing Compaq the market share has grown a lot for them. HP is in the top 3 of computers we see here at Computer Mechanics and as such we have a great amount of experience dealing with them.

HP have a service center in Perth that will perform warranty work but we have heard bad news about them so wouldn’t recommend them to anyone unless you really wanted to get the problem fixed under warranty. We have heard they have a turn around time of 1-2 weeks. Computer Mechanics can do HP repairs in 1-2 days if we need to order parts.

HP Computers are designed to look good and be easily repairable and upgrade-able. We see all kinds of problems with them ranging from broken screens, to damaged keyboards and dead batteries.

A RAM (Memory) or Hard Drive (Storage) upgrade can be performed with minimal effort and cost to you. Just bring it in for us and we will take a look at it for you.

Need a Repair?

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HP Laptops are almost easy enough to work on that it could be called entertaining, however if you have no experience in working with laptops i would not recommend it. If you want to see a list of repairs we can do head on over to our Laptop Repairs page.

Why do we repair HP laptops?

HP Laptops are among the most popular in Perth and as there is no reliable service center for them we have extended our service line to repair them. Since 1997 we have been Perth’s best repairer. Don’t risk your laptop with repairers who will take up to 2 weeks to do a simple job.

With Computer Mechanics we do all HP repairs in our East Perth workshop. We have the fastest HP repairs turn around with parts being 1-2 days away if we don’t have them in stock.