Dell Authorised Service Centre

There is no Authorised Service Centre for Dell in Perth. If it’s under warranty you’ll need to post or courier your Inspiron, Latitude or XPS to Dell – head here to start a warranty repair claim.

Computer Mechanics have serviced and repaired Dell computers for over ten years. If the laptop is outside warranty you can bring it to our workshop in Perth (yes; there’s street parking) and you’ll get a much faster turnaround at a favourable hourly rate.

Hey, even if the warranty hasn’t expired and you just need the laptop back quickly, we can also be a good solution (see below). This is especially true if you need a screen, keyboard or battery replaced.

Here’s how the Dell repair service process works and how we could speed it up:

  • You call the Dell call centre and organise the repair
  • You’ll need to back up the data on your computer before sending it – they wipe the hard disk before repairing (we can do this)
  • You’ll send the computer to Dell at your own expense (saves time if we do this on your behalf; we’ll just charge you the courier fees)
  • You’ll wait three or four weeks for the repair and an additional week for return

Note that even if your laptop has a serious problem and is not working, Computer Mechanics can usually successfully carry out a backup. We are extremely good at data recovery. The work that we do does not void the warranty on your Dell.

Hope we can be of service. Like to check out our reviews?