Data Transfer

Windows 11 is coming and many have noticed their Windows 10 machines starting to slow down. But with an upgrade comes a new problem. Moving the data from the old machine to the new one.

But this is where the problem begins. How do you get everything from the old computer to the new one, quickly and without missing anything? How do I deal with the missing programs from the new one?

Let Computer Mechanics sort that out for you.

How we can transfer your data

If you need to migrate data from an old PC to a spanking new laptop, and you don’t have the time and patience or are nervous about accidentally copying over the top, we can take the worry out of that and do it professionally. We can also help you with backup strategies – there are horror stories – you don’t wanna know. We’ll do all that in a way that minimises disruption to your workflow. Your contacts, your bookmarks, your critical software, your cookies, your wifi settings. Restoring these fully and in the right order will save you hours of time. And we’ll talk about your passwords strategy and leave you with better security practices.

What kind of things can be moved over?

With how Microsoft handles installed applications you can only really move over the data, not the applications themselves. You can easily move over the Word document to the new machine but not the Word application.

Getting your apps back for you

Even if you can’t get your applications automatically moved over we can always reinstall them for you, as long as you can provide the license for any paid programs, or even recommend free alternatives.