Computer and Laptop Services

Is your PC sluggish? Or is it possible that it isn’t running at all? Just because your computer isn’t working properly doesn’t mean you have to throw it out and get a new one. Computer Mechanics can diagnose and fix practically any problem with your computer, saving you extra cash over purchasing a new one.

Laptop Repairs

Repair or replace your laptop or PC? That is the question. Get it fixed or ante up for a shiny, new one? When you’re under stress is not the right time to make the decision. Take a deep breath, actually take a number of deep breaths, grab a coffee and carefully go over our checklist and consider the issues before pulling the trigger.

Desktop Repairs

Rely on us for straight advice – repair or replace desktop computers. Desktops are not the same as laptops. Internal parts do not cross over but thankfully, desktop parts are more uniform in their design so can be swapped over for others without having to replace a whole unit. This is what makes fixing a desktop pc a lot easier and cost effective than a laptop.

Data Recovery

Computer parts fail. It’s just one of those things that happens in life that you cannot avoid. Whether parts are available, how expensive they are is an important part of your repair or replace laptop decision.

Most people are still not backing up even with a multitude of cloud-based file services or even backing up correctly to an external hard drive. Remember, if there is only one copy of it, it’s not a backup. We have been doing data recovery on laptops, computers and external hard drives for as long as we can remember.

Software Repairs

Sadly things do not always work as intended. Something goes wrong with a software update or Microsoft Windows has a bad day and causes something to go wrong on the computer. These issues will manifest themselves in different ways, from simple error popups to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death! We can fix these issues and in most cases there will be no data loss on the machine.

Data Transfer

With old Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines starting to slow down, and with Windows 10 around, there is no better time to upgrade. But with an upgrade comes a new problem. Moving the data from the old machine to the new one. But this is where the problem begins. How do you get everything from the old computer to the new one, quickly and without missing anything? How do we migrate the old legacy programs to the new hardware? A little advice can avoid a lot of trouble.

Custom Websites

Starting a new company and need a new website? Maybe you already have something but you just aren’t happy with it. Computer Mechanics has you covered. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a website and then organising website hosting and then the extra costs in getting things fixed you can go with our monthly plans. For a set fee, we will design your website, provide hosting, keep it up to date and help you make changes to it.