Caroline in Canningvale had her laptop broken by her automatic vacuum

overview Automatic vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular over the last few years, and with them come a few problems for laptop users.

Last year we had a few cases where people had their little vacuum running while they went out or were asleep. When they returned or woke up in the morning they found that their vacuum had decided the laptop’s power cable look like a tasty treat. The vacuum would grab the cable, it would get tangled up and when the vacuum went to move off it would pull the laptop down from the desk.

Caroline from Canningvale discovered this at a bad time this week when it happened to her overnight. It smashed the laptops screen and caused considerable damage to the laptop itself. Computer Mechanics was able to fix the computer and get it running good as new.

If yours has broken and you want your laptop repaired then check us out.