laptop blank screen

OK… so your computer may have been working fine last time you used it and now nothing, first thing to do is to is look for a battery plugged into the back. Many ultra-book laptops have internal batteries and require the laptop to be dismantled, probably best to contact us if this is the case – dismantle at your own risk!

Have a removable battery? Ok… you should see a couple locking tabs that hold the battery in place, you just need to slide these to the unlocked position and slide out the battery. Now try plugging it in and turning it on, if that works great, shut down and try reinserting the battery carefully and try again.

If that worked for you great, problem solved! You may find that the machine is now working but the battery won’t charge and you have a dead battery, contact us and we can quote one up, if it didn’t work, we can fill you in on the process of getting it looked at.