Acer Repairs

Worldwide Acer made up 8.1% of all laptop sales last year and it shows as it is easily in the top 5 of computers we see. Acer laptops tend to be on the cheaper side and are the perfect candidates for hardware upgrades. Computer Mechanics performs Acer repairs on a daily basis including screen replacement, keyboard replacement and battery replacements.

A RAM (Memory) or Hard Drive (Storage) upgrade can be performed with minimal effort and cost to you. Just bring it in for us and we will take a look at it for you.

Need a Repair?

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Due to the Acer laptops design, replacing parts in them are fast and simple, and our repair costs reflect this. You can read more about the repairs we perform on laptops at our Laptop Repairs page.

Why do we repair Acer laptops?

Acer are a huge company and we have found that after the one year warranty period most users don’t want to go through the effort and time of having Acer repairs done through the manufacturer. This can take weeks, leaving you without the laptop and can generally be an expensive process.

With Computer Mechanics we do all Acer repairs in our East Perth workshop. We have the fastest Acer repairs turn around with parts being 1-2 days away if we don’t have them in stock.